Episode 3 – Simón (El Salvador)

Simón is a successful corporate attorney in Utah, and an immigrant from El Salvador. A story of great turmoil and the unknown as his family left their war-torn country, Simon found ways to brave the obstacles that stood in his and his family’s journey to the U.S.  Although, his initial impression of the U.S. as a young child was not all that he had hoped it would be (his family left El Salvador to escape crime, drugs, and violence and moved into a neighborhood in California to find the same issues stemming in its communities), he nevertheless was lucky enough to have met people who were willing to mentor him, and found the opportunities in the U.S. that would define his path to success. His views of the U.S. have obviously changed, and he believes that it’s a country where seemingly impossible dreams can actually become a reality. You’ll also hear about the intense sacrifices made by his parents and the love he has for them. His desire to prosper in a new and ever-changing world so different from where he came from defines what he now knows about freedom.




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