Episode 8 – Selena (Mexico)

This episode is an interview with Selena, who is not an immigrant herself, but has experienced the ups and downs of the immigration process, nonetheless.  Growing up, she had the constant reminder that her parents did not have legal status. They had entered the U.S. undocumented, which caused fear and uncertainty within her family’s structure because of the constant fear of deportation. Selena was also confronted by the hardships that many children who have immigrant parents face where their parents don’t speak English or their parents did not have the opportunity to get an education.  However, out of these hardships, she learned valuable life lessons.  

As she began finding her place in this world, her journey to find her purpose and give back becomes her motivation in life, and she continues to see the positive in a sometimes dim world.

Today, Selena is a proud first-generation college graduate who lives in the Salt Lake City area and shares her and her family’s story of endurance.


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